Since 2012, Towamencin Business Alliance has believed businesses in the area can benefit from an
organization dedicated to local community business needs and helping their businesses
prosper through marketing support, educational enrichment and networking opportunities.

Towamencin Business Alliance is your business advocate.

Towamencin businesses share similar experiences. We are building a network of resources, support and friends, which is important in business and in our community.

We aren’t alone.

Being a part of TBA means you have the opportunity to make an impact with the business community and increase awareness of our Alliance in the residential community as well.

"I have belonged to Towamencin Business Alliance for five years.  I joined for more contacts for my business but have received so much more.  Being a member of TBA has helped to find out what is going on in the community."
                         – DEANNA MONOHON

"Being a member of TBA has benefited Morgandale Condominium Association by keeping abreast of activities in our township through members of the Association.  It also is a source of a variety of possible local vendor support for Condominium projects."
                                     – TIM COONEY

"I have been a member of TBA for two years now.  I not only enjoy the camaraderie of the other members, but I have turned to many of them for the expertise they possess in their particular fields."

"As a new member of the Towamencin Business Alliance, I look forward to being a part of the growth of Towamencin Township.  In addition, I’m excited to learn about current and future businesses contributing to this expansion.
                             – JANINE PAILLARD

Exterior photos courtesy Montgomery County Planning Commission via Flickr